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VVI update and Code Reference Manual

Most people developing scientific applications for scientists at some point need to display data as a graph or chart. Whist you can create your own framework for doing this, if there is a ready made framework it is certainly an attractive alternative.

VVI has been at the forefront of providing such tools for both Mac OS X and iPhone development. They have just announced a significant update and new Code Manual.

Vvidget Code: Graphs For All Mac Developers
January 11, 2010

  • VVI® today announced the release of Vvidget Code version 10.6.3 which gives unparalleled opportunities to integrate graphs into all Mac applications. This new version includes many features such as:
    • New Manual: The redesigned Vvidget Code Reference Manual is now accessible to all Mac users. Students, professionals, the curious and experienced developers can now find entrances into making Mac applications with graphs. Tutorials provide comprehensive explanations for Cocoa and other types of programming. The tutorials assume no previous exposure and by working through them anyone can quickly accelerate their expertise at automating graphs on the Mac. Other sections contain materials for general exploration as well as detailed reference materials.
    • Drag And Drop: With the Vvidget Code Plug-in for Apple®'s Interface Builder developers can immediately drag and drop graphs to their Cocoa application projects. The Interface Builder Attribute Inspector includes a button that, when clicked, brings forward the comprehensive manual explaining detailed use of all components. Subsequent programming is a matter of following the cookie-cutter illustrations given in the manual.
    • Convenient: The new manual is placed online so developers can read it from anywhere without any download or install. It is available by clicking: Vvidget Code Reference Manual.
    • Easier Install: Vvidget Code use to be a split download, but is now entirely contained in its own download disk image which is available by clicking: Vvidget Code Download.
    • Bug Fixes: Previous versions had some minor inconsistencies between documentation and functions and some other miscellaneous bugs. Those have been fixed thus providing developers with better programming instructions. The new manual contains many annotated figures, hints, general discussion and other information to make it easier.
    • Freestanding Deployment: Vvidget Code includes concise instructions on how to make freestanding applications. Meaning your application's use of Vvidget functions can be unnoticed by users of your application.
    • Free Development And Deployment: Vvidget Code can be integrated into Cocoa application projects and deployed with no fees.
    • Comprehensive Support: VVI has provided over a decade of consulting and contracting on the Mac platform and Cocoa-based projects. VVI clients range from small firms to multibillion dollar international corporations. For additional information contact VVI at 888-VVI-PLOT or email
  • Vvidget Code can be download at:
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