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3D structures in javascript


Several sites are now using javascript rather than java plugins to render 3D chemical structures, ChemTube 3D contains interactive 3D animations and structures, with supporting information for some of the most important topics covered during an undergraduate chemistry degree.

ChemTube3D news - 2014 version uses Javascript and so works on iPads. It is slower but less problematic than Java. Please use latest versions browsers for best results.

Henry Rzepa has used his blog to offer insights into reaction mechanisms. However the issues of security have made the use of java plugins an onerous task to maintain. His solution:-

Replace the use of Java applets with one not dependent on Java. In the last 18 months an amazing effort to do this has resulted in JSmol, which uses only JavaScript (which has nothing to do with Java despite the name).

I see more and more sites using the javascript and HTML5, recently we have see and update the ChemDoodle Web Components, I suspect all chemical drawing packages will need a javascript version in the future for both 2D and 3D rendering.

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