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The data analysis and graphing package Aabel has been recently updated.
This update includes:

- Choice of user-defined multipliers for scientific notation to allow varying formats accepted by different scientific journals
- Major enhancements to existing features with emphasize on improving worksheet operations and fixing glitches in window-related operations
- A global option for modifying the color of worksheet grid lines
- Allowing conversion of a textual variable with unambiguous date data without separator (e.g., yyyymmdd) to a variable of type date (with any of the built-in formats or a custom-defined format)
- Added new features to pie and area charts
- Fix for an Intel bug triggered when importing values from formula-cells in Excel
- Fix for a crash bug triggered when a viewer had lost contact with a data file to which it has been referencing along a very long path name
- Fix for a bug triggered when the error bars extended into values that are undefined on a log scale
- Fix for bugs that were rarely triggered during stress testing of the application
- Workaround for a System bug concerning resizing and zooming of windows when using more than one screen
- Workaround for a System bug related to coordinate systems & resolution in the OpenGL Intel implementation

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