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X11 for Mac OS X updated

X11 2.4.0
Released: 2009.08.14
This release contains Xquartz-1.5.3-apple14.
X11-2.4.0.dmg, and open it to install with Leopard's Installer. As of 2.2.0, you do not need to have Leopard's X11 package installed (but it is alright if you do).
Changes in 2.4.0 ¶
• All changes in plus:
• app:
 font-util 1.0.2
quartz-wm 1.0.4
Added an option to quit X11 when no more windows are being managed by quartz-wm
defaults write org.x.X11 wm_auto_quit -bool true
defaults write org.x.X11 wm_auto_quit_timeout -int 3
fixed an input bug with fullscreen windows
maximizing a window that is partially offscreen will no longer cause it to be behind the Dock
 setxkbmap 1.1.0
 Xephyr, Xnest, Xfake, Xvfb 1.6.3
 xfs 1.1.0
 xkbcomp 1.1.0
 xmag 1.0.3
 xrandr 1.3.1
 xrx 1.0.3
 xterm 245
• lib:
 cairo 1.8.8
 fontconfig 2.7.1
no longer built --with-old-mac-fonts in order to prevent linking against CoreFoundation. See #280
 libAppleWM 1.3.0
 libFS 1.0.2
liblbxutil removed
liboldX removed
 libpng 1.2.37
 libSM 1.1.1
 libX11 1.2.2
 libxcb 1.4
 libXaw 1.0.4
Fix a possible deadlock when using 8bit visuals
Added API for attaching transient windows
libXprintAppUtil removed
libXprintUtil removed
 libXt 1.0.6
 mesa 7.4.4
libGLU, libglut, and OSMesa
Fixed linking problems with libOSMesa
 xcb-util 0.3.5
 xtrans 1.2.4
• proto:
 applewmproto 1.3.0
 dri2proto 2.1
 glproto 1.4.10
 inputproto 1.5.1
 renderproto 0.11
 xcb-proto 1.5
• util:
 util-macros 1.2.1
• server:
Xquartz fixes from  xorg-server-1.5.3-apple14
xserver codebase updated to 1.5 branch
rewritten AIGLX dispatch code
Localization updates
Don't zombie "jumpstart" process at launch
GLXFBConfigs and GLXVisuals don't contain duplicates when using multiple monitors
Automatic updates using Sparkle
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