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Manuscriptsapp is now open source


Manuscriptsapp is a great writing tool designed from the ground up for creating scientific publications. This week we heard an interesting development, it's now free, it will be open source.

There is a detailed blog post here giving the background.


I integrates nicely with a variety of reference managers (Mendeley, Zotero, Papers 3, Bookends and EndNote) with a couple of clicks and you can cite directly with specially supported reference managers, F1000Workspace New, Papers (Magic Citations) or Bookends. It has a Simple table editor with header, body and footer styles built-in and customizable. Tables can be imported from and exported to Word, Markdown, even LaTeX. You can create equations in LaTeX markup, or paste from MathType. Chemistry support is limited but is certainly on their todo list and they would love to have interested chemists to work with.

If you have not used it before now would be a good time to download and try it out.

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