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Molegro Virtual Docker Updated

Molegro is pleased to announce a new release of Molegro Virtual Docker, an integrated platform for computational drug design available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Molegro Virtual Docker offers high-quality protein-ligand docking based on novel optimization techniques combined with a user interface experience focusing on usability and productivity.

New features in version 4.2:
* Support for custom coloring of molecules (atoms, residues, rings).
* Visualization of hydrogen bonds and electrostatic interactions can now be customized.
* Visualization settings (e.g. graphic styles, camera settings, custom coloring) is now stored in the
workspace file (MVDML).
* PDB header information and SDF annotations are now imported and stored as part of the
* Improved parsing of PDB files (e.g. using PDB Compliancy information if available and refined
thresholds for detecting covalent bonds).
* Minor user interface improvements and bug fixes.

For more information, or to download a trial version, please visit our company website at:
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