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CrystalMaker Update

I see there is a new update to CrystalMaker, this looks to be a very significant upgrade to this very popular piece of software.

“CrystalMaker Software Ltd is delighted to announce the immediate availability of CrystalMaker 8.2 for Mac: a major update to our award-winning crystal and molecular structures visualization software. The new program builds on the success of
CrystalMaker 8.1, adding breathtaking "out-of-the-screen" 3D colour graphics, fast new background gradients, live model & rendering controls - plus significant productivity enhancements.”

CrystalMaker has long featured red/blue stereo graphics, but the new version takes this to a whole new level. Not only are the graphics much bolder, with doubled dynamic range, but you can now view them in vivid colour!
No longer do you require expensive and bulky "shutter glasses" with old-fashioned CRT monitors; neither do you need to blow entire budgets on proprietary "Cave" graphic systems. Instead, you can sit comfortably in front on your modern, low-energy LCD display, with just a lightweight pair of oh-so-inexpensive red/blue stereo spectacles between you and your immersive 3D graphics.
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