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Findings Lab Notebook Updated.

  • New: Quicklook for attachments, allowing to view images at full resolution and any type of files supported by Quicklook (Numbers, Excel, Keynote, Powerpoint, Illustrator, etc); you can enter quicklook by double-tapping on an attachment, or using the Quicklook icon in the toolbar that appears after tapping on an attachment

  • New: support for viewing tables (no editing yet), which can now be created in the beta version of Findings for Mac

  • New: improveed navigation in the app, by using a different tint color when browsing experiments (blue) and protocols (orange)

  • Fix: proper scrolling within the metadata view

  • Fix: insertion of notes or pictures now properly happens at the selected paragraph when using the paragraph toolbar (insertion using the bottom toolbar is still done at the end of the current day)

Wolfram|Alpha updated to with bug fixes.

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