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LFortran 0.9.0 is released


I'm not a big Fortran user but I know that the Fortran on Mac is regularly the most popular page on the site so I do post snippets of news I hope are useful.

LFortran 0.9.0 is released.

LFortran is a modern open-source (BSD licensed) interactive Fortran compiler built on top of LLVM. It can execute user’s code interactively to allow exploratory work (much like Python, MATLAB or Julia) as well as compile to binaries with the goal to run user’s code on modern architectures such as multi-core CPUs and GPUs.

The easiest is to install using Conda:

conda install lfortran jupyter

The Fortran Jupyter notebooks now just work on Linux, macOS and Windows, including stdout capture (print *, "Hello World!"), etc.

More information is here and on GitHub

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