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A couple more mobile medical apps


IDdx: Infectious Disease Queries Users can find lists of matching infectious diseases by picking disease search criteria (103 signs & symptoms, 39 epidemiological factors, and 16 regions of the world). The user can see all the symptoms associated with a disease or see all the diseases associated with a symptom.

Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice From HIV care delivery to Hepatitis C virus testing…travel and tropical medicine…and infection surveillance, prevention, and control, Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice delivers the vital information needed to optimally prevent and treat infectious diseases.

ECG Guide for iPad Full reference text that includes in-depth information on topics such as: Approach to ECG Interpretation, Analysis of rate, rhythm, axis, P wave, QRS complex, ST segment, T wave and QT interval, Ventricular hypertrophy and atrial enlargement and much more.

There are many more science applications for iOS here

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