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The Mobile Molecular DataSheet has been updated, this is an important update and adds a number of exciting new features. There is now the ability to calculate a variety of chemical properties and add these to the data sheet. Importantly these are calculated locally on the mobile device rather than via an internet service.

The properties that are now available include:

  • Molecular formula/weight, # heavy atoms, H-acceptors/donors, # rotatable bonds.
  • Log P & molar refractivity: both calculated by an atom contribution method (S. A. Wildman and G. M. Crippen JCICS 39 868-873 1999), which requires implementation of substructure searching.
  • Bad valences: reviews the valence counts for each of the main group atoms and reports egregious mistakes (e.g. pentavalent carbon).
  • Stereochemistry: sites for R/S and E/Z stereochemistry are identified and their labels calculated, with unspecified or known ambiguous cases classified appropriately.
  • Tautomers: common H-shifts are identified and the complete list of tautomeric forms are enumerated, with duplicate equivalent molecules removed, and racemised stereocentres labelled accordingly.
  • PAINS filters: the original set of queries for identifying frequent hitters and other high throughput screening problem compounds is applied, and any matches are identified.
  • Mass distribution: the isotope distribution is calculated for integral masses, as well as the exact mass for the base peak.

The results are also displayed on the individual molecules with bad valencies highlighted, stereochemistry labeled, and PAINS substructures highlighted.

This update really demonstrates the computing power of the mobile devices (Requires iOS8).

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