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Alvascience recently released three new software packages for QSAR and chemoinformatics:

  • alvaMolecule is a free software (for academic use) to visualise, analyse, curate and standardize molecular dataset.
  • alvaModel is a software tool to create Quantitative Structure Activity/Property Relationship (QSAR/QSPR) models. The models developed using alvaModel can be easily deployed as 'alvaRunner projects'. Once a model has been deployed, it can be used by anyone via alvaRunner.
  • alvaRunner is a free software (for academic use) to apply QSAR/QSPR regression models, developed with alvaModel, on a set of molecules. It calculates the descriptors and fingerprints needed to apply the given QSAR/QSPR regression models and it does not need any other software to be used. You can find some alvaRunner projects here

There are also some introductory videos, also available on the YouTube channel:

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