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Aabel Updated

The powerful data analysis and plotting tool Aabel 3 has been updated (version 3.0.4)

What is included in this update?

  • Increased optimization for Snow Leopard compatibility and fix for rare glitches/bugs triggered under stress testing of the application on 10.6 (up to 10.6.2)
  • Fix for a bug that could be triggered with repeated adding/removing data-members to/from the CCG designer palette
  • Fix for a bug that could be triggered when displaying the waterfall or line data series using the toolbar color gradient
  • An added feature in the Stats Analyzer UI for hierarchical and K-means cluster analyses, for defining if the empty cells in the variable columns used for such analyses should be treated as undefined (meaning no data are available) or as zero value. That is, instead of transforming the undefined to zero or vice versa, which can be done in the source worksheet(s) (when appropriate), this addition allows transforming the data while performing the analyses
  • Added flexibility for manual placement of labels on a pie graph with many slices varying largely in size and hence requiring repositioning of labels for individual slices

There is a review of Aabel

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