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Pharmacophore searching MacBook Pro M1 max.


Pharmacophore searching is a critical part of virtual screening and is can be used to search very large datasets. Pharmacophore query generation in general requires user interaction and is not well-suited for batch mode. Pharmacophore search, on the other hand, can be done in MOE/batch using an SVL script or runnable file that invokes the SVL function ph4_Search. The search was run on a dataset of 274K structures using a predefined query. CCG also provided me with timings from other architectures and the results are shown below. As you can see the MacBook Pro M1 max out-performs all other platforms tested, this is particularly noticeable in the multicore performance, evaluating over 20,000 molecules per second.


You can read the full evaluation of MOE on a MacBook Pro M1max here

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