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RDkit and Conda install of postgres cartridge on Mac OS


There has been an interesting discussion about installing rdkit-postgresql95 on Mac OS X on the rdkit mailing list and I thought it might be of wider interest.

Here's the resolution of the difficulties I was having installing rdkit-postgresql95 on Mac OS X. The problem turned out to be that the package originally posted used Py3.5, and I'm still using 2.7. I may change to 3.5 at some point, but Greg was kind enough to add a 2.7 version of the package.

So, the following invocations work to set up rdkit with the cartridge in a new env on Mac OS X. I'm on El Capitan, by the way, and for clarity, I've not tested the installation, but only checked that it completed successfully.

conda create -n rdk1 -c rdkit rdkit
. activate rdk1
conda install -c greglandrum rdkit-postgresql95

(The last command also installs postgresql 9.5.4-0.)

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