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Findings Updated


Findings is an electronic notebook for scientists.

The main new features are:

  • Much improved export, with options to export multiple experiments based on projects and dates, and many more options for PDF output (and print).
  • A brand new archive format to export and import experiments and protocols, which makes it very easy to share documents and collaborate on their content. One subtle but powerful feature is that re-importing an experiment or protocol will not create a duplicate, but will instead merge the latest changes. This means collaborators can keep sending new versions of a document to each other, and it will magically update their library.
  • Full-text search across all experiments (or protocols).
  • Search within a document, with proper highlighting and keyboard-based navigation through the search matches.
  • Much nicer experiment cards, in particular using a vignette thumbnail, showing a project color, and with the calendar strip functioning as a progress bar for multi-day experiments.
  • In addition to the free Basic version, new unregistered users are now also offered a 30-day trial of the Pro version;for 30 days, the 20-day experiment limit is thus lifted.

There are also tons of improvements and bug fixes.

Collaboration also got better, you can also export experiments as archives, that anybody can read with the free Basic version of Findings.

There has also been some changes to the pricing structure, the basic individual version is free but there are discounts for group (5) purchases, and it sounds like if you have a bigger group it would be worth contacting them directly because larger discounts are available.

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