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ChemBioDraw Round Trip Ediiting

As I wrote sometime ago, the issues with ChemBioDraw and round-trip editing remain even after the update. This is a very active topic on the CambridgeSoft forums with approaching 100,000 views of the topic

A recent contribution written by yelvis however sheds significant insight into the issue and I quote it in full below.

Please note cutting and pasting into MS Office 2004 from ChemDraw running Mac OS X 10.6 still works just fine; however, if you would actually like to use Chem Draw with a program written recently (MS Office 2008, iWork etc), you are unable to cut and paste between Chem Draw and these programs without major problems (image doesn’t fit unless you set to copy as PDF, unable to edit subsequent image back in ChemDraw).

It is truly unfortunate that now almost a year after this problem first surfaced that there remains no good solution from Cambridge Soft / Chem Draw. I just downloaded today (8.27.10) the latest versions of both Keynote (5.0.4) as well as ChemDrawUltra (12.0) and Chem Draw Std (11.0.1) to confirm the problem still exists. The issue resides in the fact that MS Office 2004 still uses Rosetta (not a "Universal program") where MS Office 2008 or iWork is a universal program (does not use Rosetta). Rosetta is a program that Apple created which allows software written for the PowerPC days to work on Intel chips. This specific feature that does not work is the ability to cut and paste scalable vector graphics into 3rd party applications.

There is a work around for those of you wanting to use Keynote (for example) and still keep your cut and paste capabilities. Here is how you do it:

1. Draw and Copy in Chem Draw like you used to
2. Paste the image into blank Powerpoint 2004 file.
3. Save file (I personally like the name pass through file.ppt, but anything will work).
4. Open file using Keynote (Keynote can open ppt files no problem).
5. The image in the newly opened Keynote file still maintains all the editibility /copying /pasting that we have had for nearly 20 years (e.g. you may paste this image back into Chem Draw and edit it the drawing).

Please note you will need to repeat steps 2-4 EACH time you want to repaste the chem draw image into Keynote, but it does work

So you it seems for a work around you need MS Office 2004 (There are copies on Amazon Office Mac Standard 2004) or explore using an alternative chemical drawing package like
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