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I see there is a new version of iNMR available. Version 2.2.2 is out. Now you can import generic tables, not only NMR spectra, and can embed your own scripts, functions and programs into individual spectra or into iNMR itself.
Also check out the special promotion
offer for 300 licenses.
You can buy a single perpetual license, valid for a single computer forever (disposable license), at the special price of 70 €, if the following conditions are all met:
  • The order comes from (and is billed to) a University or a school. Governmental agencies, private citizens, students and industries are excluded.
  • No other in your town owns a license for iNMR version 2 (different versions/products are not taken into account).
  • The quota for your region has not been reached. The quota is 100 copies for Europe, 100 copies for USA and 100 copies for the rest of the World.
  • The offer is valid for the first license only. Additional licenses will cost 170 euro.
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