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Funding for the UK’s network of Science and Discovery Centres


The global pandemic is having a devastating impact on all charitable bodies and I'd like to give a mention to a group close to my heart. Inspiring the next generation of scientists is essential for our long term future in these challenging times.

The UK’s network of charitable Science and Discovery Centres deliver inclusive science and technology experiences to children across the country, reaching families and schools in some of our most socio-economically disadvantaged communities. They play a crucial role in inspiring young people with STEM, creating the environmental and science innovators we need for our future, and ensuring the UK stays at the forefront of global R&D and innovation.

  • The UK has a vibrant network of 60 Science and Discovery Centres, including Science Museums, Science Centres, Discovery Centres, Natural History and Environment Centres and Learned Societies.
  • Every year 25 million people visit UK Science Centres and Museums.
  • Over half are girls and women, and over half are school-age children.
  • 12.3 million people each year visit their local Science and Discovery Centres or Science Museum outside London in the hearts of cities and regions across the UK.
  • About half of the network are independent charitable Science and Discovery Centres (whereas the other half are museums and learned societies).
  • Eight million schoolchildren and adults visit the Science and Discovery Centres that are excluded from applying for central government grants (those open to heritage, museums, theatres and the arts) and are at risk.
  • Before Covid-19, Science Centres were successful, innovative enterprises, earning their own income from ticket sales and science events.

You can read the Open Letter to Prime Minister and Chancellor asking for support, if you can offer support in any way please do so.

The UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres are also on twitter @sciencecentres

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