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 Cambridge CUDA Course 25-27 May 2009

GPUs are cheap, massively parallel, programmable compute devices that can be used for many general purpose (non-graphics) tasks. They are a "good fit" for many scientific applications and significant speedups (as compared to contemporary CPUs) have been reported. The CUDA language makes NVIDIA GPUs accessible to developers through a series of extensions to C (with no mention of pixels or shading!). In this series of lectures, we aim to show: how to build and configure a CUDA computer; how to write some simple (and some less-simple) CUDA kernels; and how to go about optimising your CUDA code to achieve better performance.
All talks will take place in 
Lecture Theatre 2 of the Computer Laboratory and will run from 2:30pm to 4:30pm.
The course is open to any member of the University and is free, but to help us provide enough refreshments (hopefully!) please register at:
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