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Papers is now officially part of Springer Science+Business media

Papers has rapidly become the application that in many ways has set the standard for reference management, winning Apple design awards for the iTunes like interface for organising your scientific references. Papers radically improved the way researchers handle their scientific literature by centralising search, downloads and organising references and documents in one tool, functioning as a personal library for research. The literature can be cited in the word processing software of choice, and can be shared with colleagues.The small team at Mekentosj rapidly gained recognition for their carefully thought out design, and as they expanded into Windows and iOS versions I guess it was clear that the team was becoming stretched, with difficult choices having to be made as to which new features could be implemented in the next release.


It seems an opportunity arose for the team to get additional support and resources from Springer and the acquisition of Mekentosj was the logical step.

The fit was a natural one, and we believe that by becoming part of Springer we will be able to offer our users so much more: we can take Papers to the next level, but much faster than on our own. Backed by the second largest scientific publisher we will be able to add features quicker, react faster, provide better support, and open up a realm of new possibilities.

For those that might be worried about the future of Papers.

The Mekentosj team will remain in charge of Papers, and continue to develop Papers for each of the platforms we currently support: Mac, PC, and iOS. We will continue to bring you updates, new features, and support. All with the same dedication and excitement you are used to getting from us

What is going to happen to the other Mekentosj apps like 4Peaks, EnzymeX, etc?

The Mekentosj molecular biology apps like 4Peaks, EnzymeX, iRNAi, LabAssistant, etc. will not become part of Springer and have moved to a new home. They will also remain free. Unfortunately, as has been the case for a while, Papers takes up all our time so we can't promise any updates soon.

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