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Maple Updated

Maple 13.01, an all-platform maintenance update to Maple 13, is available to all users running Maple 13.
The Maple 13.01 update includes enhancements in a variety of areas, including:
  • 3D visualization: Increased speed and memory efficiency
  • Language packs: Improved French translations and expanded support for Greek
  • JRE Update: Updated JRE corrects many Java-related issues, and results in improvements in printing on Linux, printing international characters, redrawing components, and plotting
  • Other enhancements: Areas of improvement include the performance of plots with a large number of data points, curve colors used in drag-and-drop plotting, the display of mathematics in embedded components, and PDF export.
Who is entitled to Maple 13.01? Maple 13.01 is available to all users running Maple 13. All Maple 13 users should install this update to obtain the latest version.

I've also updated the page of data analysis packages that are available for Mac OS X.
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