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iNMR version 4

Judging by the number of Google search queries NMR is one of the top search terms for visitors to the site. Which is one of the reasons I created the Spectroscopy Applications for Mac OS X page. So it was great to hear that iNMR had recently been updated to version 4. iNMR is a great application that combines the look and feel of a proper native Mac application with the power of a leading scientific application.
Reading about the upgrade it is clear that this new version marks a watershed in the development of iNMR, whilst version 4 will run on any Mac bought over the last 6 years it is clear that future developments will only run on Snow Leopard and Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs, and the architecture will be 64-bits. For this reason there are very generous upgrade options available at the moment so I suggest you
have a look at the options and make the switch.

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