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Displaying spectra on the web is usually a pretty minimal experience, often simply an image file. Whilst there a number of desktop applications for viewing spectra, web-based tools were often limited to Java plugins which have now almost completely fallen out of favour.

The JCAMP data format (1) for spectra is pretty widely used and we are starting to see javascript implementations of viewers. This very nice example uses the ChemDoodle web components to display the spectra and provide interaction. Hovering close to a nucleus that has a peak correlation defined will highlight that nucleus and any other nuclei in its group along with highlighting the corresponding peak. Conversely hovering close to a peak that has correlated nuclei associated with it will highlight the set.

(1) JCAMP-DX: A Standard Form for the Exchange of Infrared Spectra in Computer Readable Form ROBERT S. McDONALD and PAUL A. WILKS, JR. Appl. Spectrosc. 42(1), pp151-162, 1988

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