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WebMo added

Added WebMo a front-end to a range of computational chemistry packages.

  • Support for Gamess 1999+, Gaussian 94/98/03, MolPro 2002/2006, Mopac 7/93/200X, NWChem 4/5, PQS 3.3, QChem 2/3, and Tinker 4
  • Users draw structures in a 3D java editor, run calculations, and view results, all from their web browser
  • No software to install on the client. WebMO is installed only on the single web server that runs or accesses the computational chemistry programs
  • All administrative tasks (user accounts, program configuration, job time limits, etc) are performed through a web browser interface
  • Simple enough for undergraduate computational chemistry curriculum: reasonable default values and results are presented on web pages
  • Flexible enough for computational chemistry research: full access to input and output files
  • Works fully with Internet Explorer 4.0+ (Windows), Safari (Mac), Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux/unix), and other browsers

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