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SingleCrystal 4 Launched


CrystalMaker Software Ltd have just announced the release of SingleCrystal 4, this is a complete rewrite of thr Apple Design Award winning software in Objective-C, resulting in a state-of-the-art multi-core, multi-touch, multi-structure program. It’s 100% native Mac code - no emulation; no translators - and hence delivers a seamless Mac 64-bit experience with Retina graphics, multi-touch control, haptic feedback, Finder thumbnails, Quick Look previews, Full Screen Mode, Dark Mode and a dedicated Touch Bar interface for MacBook Pro.

The new Live Intensity Mode lets users edit a crystalline material at the atomic level in real time (moving atoms, changing site occupancies, rotating structural groups) - and immediately see the simulated single-crystal diffraction pattern update.


The software is sold directly by CrystalMaker Software Ltd ( Multi-user, education and student licensing options are available.

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