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Installing Osprey 3.0 under Mac OS X


A recent publication described OSPREY 3.0: Open-Source Protein Redesign for You, with Powerful New Feature DOI.

We present Osprey 3.0, a new and greatly improved release of the osprey protein design software. Osprey 3.0 features a convenient new Python interface, which greatly improves its ease of use. It is over two orders of magnitude faster than previous versions of osprey when running the same algorithms on the same hardware. Moreover, osprey 3.0 includes several new algorithms, which introduce substantial speedups as well as improved biophysical modeling. It also includes GPU support, which provides an additional speedup of over an order of magnitude. Like previous versions of osprey, osprey 3.0 offers a unique package of advantages over other design software, including provable design algorithms that account for continuous flexibility during design and model conformational entropy. Finally, we show here empirically that osprey 3.0 accurately predicts the effect of mutations on protein–protein binding.

Osprey 3.0 is available at as free and openā€source software GPLv2.

The source code is available on GitHub

Unfortunately the installation instructions do not include Mac OSX but there are instructions for "Debian-like Linux" which seemed promising. With the invaluable help of Nathan Guerin I was able to get OSPREY installed.


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