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Ars Technica iOS8 Review


The latest incarnation of iOS is a major change and the most comprehensive review I’ve seen to date is the Ars Technica iOS8 Review

One feature that may be of particular interest is iCloud Drive, iCloud Drive keeps the concept of application-specific folders for data, but it allows users (and other applications) to see the filesystem and access data stored in multiple app folders. This means that you can open a molecular data file with the applecation of your choice.


In iOS 8, you'll be given the opportunity to upgrade from standard iCloud to iCloud Drive once you sign into your account, but you should tread lightly here—converting your account to use iCloud Drive is a one-time deal and it can't be reversed. iOS 8 still supports "Documents & Data" sync, the old-style iCloud syncing method that will continue to work with Mavericks and older iOS versions.

If you still use Macs running OS X 10.9 or older or if you have an iPhone you can’t upgrade to iOS8 and you want to sync data between them, don't turn iCloud Drive on.

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