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WWDC hardware rumour 2. MacBook Pro


With the Apple WWDC just around the corner it is fun to look at the current hardware rumours. The MacBook Pro currently looks well overdue for an update and so there are plenty of rumours about an imminent update.

One of the more intriguing suggestions is that an OLED display touch bar will replace the physical function keys, this would presumably allow developers to create and display custom application specific function keys. The other rumours suggest a thinner and lighter form factor resulting in elimination of all but USB-C ports. Connectivity could be enhanced by incorporation of 4G.

The current MacBook Pro processor is now rather out-dated, and a move to Intel Skylake processors seems certain, this might be expected to improve both performance and battery life.

Upgrades to both GPU and display have all been suggested in various rumours with some suggesting the introduction of a touchscreen. Personally I’d keep touchscreen with tablets, but with more scientific applications using the GPU to improve performance this could be an important upgrade.

There have also been rumours of introducing touchID into the laptops as an extra security measure.

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