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VMWare update

VMware, Fusion has been updated to version 2, this is a free update for all users. My preliminary use suggests much improved graphics performance.

From the VMWare website

What's New in VMware Fusion 2.0
VMware Fusion 2.0 has a large number of enhancements, including:
Multiple Snapshots and AutoProtect
  • Save your virtual machine in any number of states, and return to those states at any time
  • New Snapshot UI to help you manage all the snapshots you have saved
  • Automatically take snapshots at regular intervals with AutoProtect
Shared Folders Improvement and Mirrored Folders
  • Shared Folders are easier to discover. New Shared Folders option in Status bar and Virtual Machine menu. Can open all Shared Folders or just a specific Shared Folder in the virtual machine
  • Greatly improved reliability of shared folders—now compatible with Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, and QuickBooks
  • Improved compatibility running Java applications from a Shared Folder
  • Map key folders in Windows Vista and Windows XP (Desktop, My Documents, My Music, My Pictures) to their corresponding Mac folders (Desktop, Documents, Music, and Pictures)
URL Handling
  • Click on a URL in a virtual machine and open it in your favorite Mac browser, or configure your Mac to open its links in a virtual machine
  • VMware Fusion supports opening URLs of the following types: Web pages (http, https), Remote Sessions (telnet, ssh), Mail (mailto), Newsgroups (news), File transfers (ftp, sftp), and RSS feeds (feed)
Application Sharing
  • Allow your Mac to open applications in the virtual machine—Finder can now open your Mac's files directly in Windows applications like Microsoft Word and Windows Media Player
  • Allow the virtual machine to open applications on your Mac—VMware Fusion can configure virtual machines to open their files in Mac applications like Preview and iTunes
  • VMware Fusion can directly open Windows programs (.exe) and installers (.msi) in a virtual machine just by double-clicking on them in Finder
True Multiple Display Support
  • VMware Fusion automatically detects multiple displays by default
  • Your virtual machines will recognize each display you connect to your Mac as a separate virtual display
  • Handles changes to resolution and display orientation automatically
  • Option to use one or all screens in Full Screen mode
  • Unity windows can be dragged between displays, and will maximize correctly to just the display they're on
  • Correctly handles plugging and unplugging displays
  • 3D supported on primary display when using multiple displays
Unity Improvements
  • Virtual machines resume and start directly in Unity view
  • Run Linux applications directly on your Mac's desktop under Unity view (experimental)
  • Switching between Spaces desktops while in Unity view no longer causes Mac OS X to jump back and forth between Spaces
  • Quit Windows applications from the Dock icon
  • Unity windows now respect the Dock location and won't maximize underneath the Dock
  • Exposé now filters out non-application windows
  • Drag and Drop to overlapped Unity windows now works
  • Cursor not hidden while typing in Unity view
  • Handle Unity windows without titles better
Graphics Improvement
  • Greatly improved 3D performance and compatibility with DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 2 software and games. (VMware Fusion runs best with the latest graphics hardware, like the NVIDIA 8800 GT, ATI Radeon HD 2600, and ATI Radeon HD 3870.)
  • When playing high-definition video (720p, 1080i, 1080p) in a Windows XP or Windows Vista virtual machine, VMware Fusion now uses hardware acceleration for smooth video playback
  • Freely resize your virtual machine's window and enter and exit Full Screen view while playing games
Experimental Support for Mac OS X Server Virtual Machines
  • You can create Mac OS X Server 10.5 virtual machines (experimental support). Due to Apple licensing restrictions, the standard edition of Mac OS X 10.5 is not supported in a virtual machine

Virus Protection and Firewall Included for Windows XP and Vista Virtual Machines
  • To keep your Windows-on-Mac experience as safe as possible, VMware Fusion includes a complimentary 12-month subscription to McAfee VirusScan Plus to protect your Windows investment
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