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Predict skin toxicity


Pred-skin is a new mobile app for predicting skin toxicity. Pred-skin is a web app that accesses a web service for the calculation and thus requires internet access. The web service also allows bulk predictions.

Chemically-induced skin sensitization is a complex immunological disease with a high impact on the quality of life and working ability. Despite some progress in developing alternative methods for assessing skin sensitization potential of chemical substances, there is no single in vitro test that correlates well with human data. Machine Learning (ML) models provide a rapid screening approach and contribute valuable information for the assessment of chemical toxicity. The Pred-Skin App is an alternative method for assessing skin sensitization potential of chemical substances.


Full details are in the publication Pred-Skin: A Fast and Reliable Web Application to Assess Skin Sensitization Effect of Chemicals DOI There are many more mobile apps available for science on the mobile science website.

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