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BBEdit Update


Everyone's favourite text editor has been updated to version BBEdit 13.1.

The release notes describe all the changes in detail.

Updated Markdown support

BBEdit has built-in support for cmark as well as "classic" Markdown (Gruber's original script). In addition, if you have Discount, MultiMarkdown, cmark-gfm, or Pandoc installed, BBEdit can use those as well. If a particular tool is not installed, its corresponding option on the menu is disabled.

There's a new command on the Text menu: "Run Unix Command". This opens a sheet into which you can enter a Unix command line, and choose where the output goes, this can be extremely useful for quick (or simple) "one shot" Unix commands that aren't worth the effort of writing a filter.

Added language-specific settings for Python, to provide explicit control over, which Python to use (python or python3, or a custom one of your choosing), whether to allow the document's "#!" line to override the choice of interpreter and whether to use flake8 for syntax checking.

And a number of other new features for tidying text and HTML.

I also liked reading amount the bug fixes

Fixed weirdness in the Pattern Playground window when making certain edits in the search pattern field. (I'm sure that the people who wrote NSTextView can explain why it does that, but probably nobody else can.)

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