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The beta of the 2020.03 RDKit released


The beta of the 2020.03 RDKit is now available on GitHub

Backwards incompatible changes:

  • Searches for equal molecules (i.e. mol1 @= mol2) in the PostgreSQL cartridge now use the dochiralsss option. So if dochiralsss is false (the default), the molecules CC(F)Cl and C[C@H](F)Cl will be considered to be equal. Previously these molecules were always considered to be different.
  • Attempting to create a MolSupplier from a filename pointing to an empty file, a file that does not exist or sometihing that is not a standard file (i.e. something like a directory) now generates an exception.
  • The cmake option RDKOPTIMIZENATIVE has been renamed to RDKOPTIMIZEPOPCNT


  • The drawings generated by the MolDraw2D objects are now significantly improved and can include simple atom and bond annotations
  • An initial implementation of a modified scaffold network algorithm is now available
  • A few new descriptor/fingerprint types are available - BCUTs, Morse atom fingerprints, Coulomb matrices, and MHFP and SECFP fingerprints

Plus lots of bug fixes.

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