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The LiteMol suite consists of three components, data delivery services (CoordinateServer and DensityServer), the BinaryCIF compression format, and a new lightweight 3D molecular viewer (LiteMol Viewer)

You can try it out at


The LiteMol suite works on all modern web browsers and mobile devices.

LiteMol Viewer is an HTML5 web application for 3D visualization of molecules and other related data. LiteMol is written in TypeScript, a typed extension of JavaScript and uses WebGL for 3D visualization.

Among other things, LiteMol provides:

  • Standard visualizations: cartoons, surface, balls and sticks, etc.
  • Assemblies and symmetry mates.
  • Electron Density and CryoEM maps.
  • Integration with PDBe API: view and explore validation and annotation data.
  • Integration with the Coordinate Server: download only parts of structures you are interested in.
  • Support for the BinaryCIF format that reduces the amount of data that needs to be sent to the client several times.

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