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Teraflop-desktop Apple system

I saw this on the SciTech list and thought I’d share it

It is now possible to configure quite simply a teraflop-desktop Apple system, via standard ordering of components listed below.

Note that with only the one Radeon card we can achieve 1 teraflop (single-precision floats),so this configuration below is thermally and power-wise safe.

The reason we can now get a teraflop in this way is interesting:
---In Os X Lion, the OpenCL environment allows, on say our canonical galaxy-collision demonstration, 800+ gigaflops from the single GPU card, and 200+ gigaflops from the Mac cores themselves.  It is OpenCL that allows this symbiosis to be straightforward.

But there is more good news:  This GPU card and others, e.g. Quadro FX 4800, now have double-precision float support in Max OS Lion, OpenCL 1.1.  One can expect roughly 1/4 of the teraflop rate performance when using doubles in this way; however, all such speed estimates depend, as we know, on the particular algorithm and the implementation of same.
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