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250 downloads of iBabel4


I just noticed there have been 250 downloads of iBabel4, I can count these like citations right ? 😁

You can download iBabel here.

iBabel is a graphical user interface (GUI) to the open-source cheminformatics toolkit Open Babel


I'm starting to compile a list of updates/additions, if you have any suggestions let me know.


VMD for Catalina


There is a new test build of VMD for Catalina.

Latest version (May 8) Updated modeling plugins updated for Tk 8.6 (grid vs. pack corrections)

VMD is a molecular visualization program for displaying, animating, and analyzing large biomolecular systems using 3-D graphics and built-in scripting.

There are details of many other scientific applications under Catalina here

Scientific Applications under Catalina: Update 13


PyMOL 2.4 released


PyMOL 2.4 has been released. Download ready-to-use bundles from or update your installation with

conda install -c schrodinger pymol


  • Incentive PyMOL only:

    • Support for
    • Pi-Pi and Pi-Cation interactions (A > find > pi-interactions)
    • WaterMap result presets (A > preset > WaterMap ...)
    • APBS Plugin improvements (multi-state assemblies, propka pH calculation)
  • Open-Source and Incentive PyMOL:

    • Distinguish .mrc and .ccp4 formats (origin interpretation)
    • Trajectory handling improvements
    • Improved error handling in Python API with exceptions
    • ... many bug fixes

This will be the last release with support for Python 2.7.

Full release notes


Schrödinger Software Release 2020-2


This quarterly release includes usability improvements and performance enhancements across all of the software. Full release notes are here


WWDC 2020 June 22nd


The 31st Apple WWDC will take place just over a month from now. This normally a hugely over-subscribed event with a lottery deciding who gets to attend. This year things will be different, it will be an online event that can be accessible to millions around the globe.


Now would be a good time to download the Apple Developer App to find out what is planned.