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Applescript Resources for Mac OS X

A couple of people who have read the tutorials have asked me about other Applescript and Automator resources, this list should give you a start. If anyone knows of resources that could be added please get in touch.





The importance of adding Applescript support to applications is nicely illustrated in an article by Brent Simmons, Making Your Mac App’s Data Scriptable.

While (Applescripters) are a minority of users, they’re power users — the kind of people who recommend apps to friends and family. They blog and tweet about apps, and people listen to them. They can be your app’s biggest evangelists.

There has been a recent article that shows the current best practices for controlling another app using AppleScript, Scripting from a Sandbox.

For beginners and experts A fantastic collection of tips and code snippets

Tools and Libraries

Whilst you can store the scripts anywhere an alternative is to “Show Script menu in the menu bar” which is available from the Applescript Editor preferences as shown below. You can then activate scripts from a drop down menu on the right-hand side of the main top menu bar.


Useful Scripts

Books (links to Amazon etc.)

There is also a video training course

Apple Mailing Lists

Updated 23 February 2017