Reference Management Applications

Reference Management Applications for MacOSX

One of the neat things about having the search box on each page is I can see what visitors have been looking for. Amongst the expected searches for structure drawing or molecular modelling packages I was suprised to find that one of the top search terms was for reference management software. I had a quick look around and I could not find a list of MacOSX applications so I thought I'd create one in a similar fashion to the listing of data analysis packages. As usual click on the titles to sort the columns. Updated 21 May 2010.

You might also be interested in is the new home of the CSL project, (a free and open XML language for the formatting of citations and bibliographies) hosting the schema, documentation, project news, and more.

Application Price Link Import Export Citation Format Word Processor linking Notes
Aigaion $0 BibTeX and RIS BibTeX and RIS html,txt,rtf None Web-based
Bibdesk $0 BibTeX, ISI, JSTOR and PubMed, SciFinder BibTeX, RIS, HTML, MODS XML, EndNote XML, Atom XML, RSS, Amsref LTB, RTF, Word .doc HTML, RSS, RTF, .doc None BibTeX editor, Applescript support, current version requires Tiger
Bibus $0 BibTeX, EndNote,ISI,Medline and RIS BibTeX, Endnote and RIS html,txt MS Word, OpenOffice PubMed and eTBLAST queries
Bookends $99 BibTeX, EndNote BibTeX, Endnote txt MS Word, Mellel Applescript support
Connotea $0 BibTeX, EndNote,ISI,Medline, MODS XML and RIS BibTeX, Endnote, MODS XML and RIS None None Web-based
DevonThink $80 Stores many digital file formats, images, documents, email etc. N/A None Extremely powerful searching, OCR, Applescript support
EndNote X3 for Macintosh (OS X) $300 CSA, EndNote,ISI,Medline, PubMed, RIS, SciFinder BibTeX, Endnote, MODS XML and RIS html,txt, rtf MS Word, OpenOffice Applescript support, link to EndNote Web
iPapers $0 pdf, PubMed BibTeX, Endnote, MODS XML and RIS N/A None Cocoa App
Reference Miner $0 pdf, PubMed N/A None Same company sells Bookends
JabRef $0 BibTex, CSA, EndNote,ISI,Medline, RIS, SciFinder BibTeX, Endnote, MODS XML html,txt, rtf OpenOffice, Emacs Java App
Papers $39 BibTex, PubMed, EndNote, ISI, RIS, ENW BibTeX, EndNote, RIS None Cocoa App, extendible through opensource plugins, updated 2010, also support iPhone, iPad
Refbase $0 BibTex, CSA, EndNote,ISI,Medline, MODS XML, PubMed, RIS, SciFinder BibTeX, EndNote, MODS XML, RIS html,Latex, txt, rtf OpenOffice Web-based
Sente $129.95 PubMed BibTeX, Refer, HTML, XML txt, rtf Word, Mellel Search refs using Spotlight
ReferenceTracker $44.95 BibTex, RTF, PubMed, RIS txt, html,BibTeX, RIS html, txt Pages, Word, Nissus
Wikindx $0 BibTex, EndNote,ISI, PubMed, RIS BibTeX, EndNote, RIS html, txt None Web-based
Mendeley $0 BibTex, EndNote, PubMed, RIS, Web Services BibTeX, EndNote, RIS txt Word (under development)
WizFolio $0-$25 per year depending storage size PubMed Word Web-based
Zotero $0 BibTex, EndNote, MODS XML, RIS BibTeX, EndNote, MODS XML, RIS html, rtf MS Office beta available Firefox extension saves to local database

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