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2016 MacBook Pro and sharing DVD drive


As a happy owner of a new MacBook Pro I am aware of the limitations of only having USB-C connectors. It is clear that this is the future since Apple are not the only company to make this transition. However a number of the scientific application I use regularly were supplied on DVD and I suspect others may be in a similar situation so I thought I'd mention this tip. Instead of investing in an adaptor if you have an older Mac you can use DVD or CD sharing. Open up system preferences and select "Sharing", click the checkbox for "DVD or CD Sharing".


If you now open a "Finder" window on the MacBook Pro you should find "Remote Disc in the side bar. You may need to change your preferences to display CCs, DVDs etc. (Finder:Preferences)


You can then use it as normal.


RSC Membership


Royal Society of Chemistry members will be getting their annual subscription details around now. Can I remind people that your membership entitles you to membership of up to THREE Interest Groups. I'd urge you to make use of them, in particular:-

33 Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector
86 Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group.


Reduced subscription rates are also available to:

Full time postgraduate students (including PGCE students) – £19 Low income members with an income below £26,000 per annum – Fellow £74, Member £65, Associate £39, Affiliate £41 Retired members – Fellow £74, Member £65, Associate £39, Affiliate £41


Swift Playgrounds


Swift Playgrounds is a revolutionary new app for iPad that makes learning Swift interactive and fun. Solve puzzles to master the basics using Swift, ideal for keeping occupied over the Christmas break.

Learning to code with Swift Playgrounds is incredibly engaging. The app comes with a complete set of Apple-designed lessons. Play your way through the basics in “Fundamentals of Swift” using real code to guide a character through a 3D world. Then move on to more advanced concepts.

There is a video here

I also notice that there have been a few updates to the Swift Algorithm Club there are now 79 contributors and an ever increasing list of algorithms.

All content is licensed under the terms of the MIT open source license.


UnityMol Updated


I've only just noticed that UnityMol has been updated.

UnityMol is a molecular viewer and prototyping platform for the Unity3D game engine developed by Marc Baaden's team in Paris. It includes HyperBalls designed to visualize molecular structures using GPU graphics card capabilities based on shaders (GLSL or Cg). It can read Protein Data Bank (PDB) files, Cytoscape networks, OpenDX maps and Wavefront OBJ meshes.

There is a UnityMol WebGl demo available which gives you a great way to explore the display options now available.


Darwin source code released


It is sometimes difficult to remember that the heart of Mac OSX is the open-source Darwin source code.

Apple have recently released the latest update OS X 10.12 Source.

In addition Apple have made Swift open-source which supports a wider variety of platforms.